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Sweet Reason is an introductory text for courses on modern logic unlike any other. The basic rudiments of formal and informal logic are here, all clearly described. But the text goes much further. It focuses students on the real world, where the discipline of logic adds substance and meaning to all kinds of human discourse. Everything from puzzles, paradoxes, and mathematical proofs to campaign debate excerpts, government regulations, and cartoons are used to show how logic is put to work by philosophers, mathematicians, advertisers, computer scientists, politicians, and others.As the book alternately discusses, instructs, questions, teases, and challenges, readers will find themselves• Absorbing the fundamentals of the discipline• Becoming fluent in the language of logic• Understanding how logic works in the real world• Enjoying logic's ability to entertain, surprise, subvert, and enlighten."A marvelous gem. I was immediately gripped by the first couple of pages and found every page a delight to read. It surely has to become a classic." -Keith Devlin, Saint Mary's College of California"The novel approach toward teaching logic taken by Sweet Reason is very impressive. It will make a fine text for an introductory logic course." -Ruth Eberle, Philosophy, University of Indiana"Sweet Reason is elegantly written, it makes logic alive and relevant, it is fun, and where appropriate, funny, and it clearly explains difficult issues without being dishonest. In short, it is the best book I've seen for introducing the subject." - Judith Roitman, Mathematics, University of Kansas

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