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Chinese designers are committed to bringing a Chinese essence into the core of their work. Their commitment has not just infused new vigor into classic Chinese cultural forms. It has created a unique new language within contemporary design. Designed in China showcases the brands that have pioneered new Chinese design in an industrial context. The products range across furniture, household products, fashion, jewelry and increasingly many other product types. In the book every product is documented by brand name, production dates, materials used and the central design concepts. A key element of the book is the designers sharing their original ideas, their successful lines of development (and also their blind alleys). They demonstrate how their design concepts are deeply rooted in Chinese culture, yet they speak to us now in a modern idiom, in a mixing of visual elements both old and new. Their message is simple : Chinese art and design effortlessly combines the distant past with the vital energy of the present. This book will provide readers with a thorough understanding of China's contemporary design, honestly showing the strengths of contemporary Chinese design. Designed in China will be essential for global product designers to broaden their vision, and to understand the new design dynamics developing in China.

AUTEUR Zhang Qun
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