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XML has made a major impact in almost every aspect of software development. Designed as an open, extensible, self-describing language, it bas become the standard for data and document delivery on the web. The panoply of XML-related technologies continues to develop at breakneck speed, to enable validation, navigation, transformation, linking, querying, description, and messaging of data.This is the new edition of Professional XML, updated to cover the latest developments in XML. This book provides a thorough and practical grounding in the cote XML technologies and shows some of the key applications of XML in computing, from presenting and adding meaning to information on the Web, through using it as a data interchange format to enabling open business-to-business computing.Who is this Book for?This book is for developers who want to learn about new presentation technologies and how to use XML to improve content management. It is also an essential read to developers working on enterprise solutions, who want to know how to use web standards to link applications in an extensible manner, and see how emerging web services functionality can be used to enable interoperability. They can also learn how to integrate XML into existing enterprise applications, and use XML with databases.What does this book cover?* The XML specification in detail* Navigating XML with XPath, XPointer, and Xquery* Linking XML with Xlink* Transforming XML with XSLT* Programmatic access to XML with DOM Level 2 and SAX v2* XML Presentation technologies - using XSL-FO, SVG, VoiceXML* XML and data - XML and databases, and XML data-binding* Making sense of XML with RDF and RDDL* Messaging with XML - SOAP* Emerging XML B2B Frameworks, including BizTalk, RosettaNet, UDDI and WSDL

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The XML Bible, 2nd edition is your introduction to the exciting and fast-growing world of XML. With this book, you'll learn how to write documents in XML and how to use style sheets to convert those documents into HTML so that legacy browsers can read them. You'll also learn how to use document type definitions (DTDs) and schemas to describe and validate documents. You'll experience a variety ...


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