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ALTHOUGH it was first published twenty years ago, Stuart Pimm's Food Webs remains the clearest introduction to the study of the subject. Reviewing various hypotheses in the light of theoretical and empirical evidence, Pimm shows that even the most complex food webs follow certain patterns and that those patterns are shaped by a limited number of biological processes, such as population dynamics and energy flow. Pimm provides a variety of mathematical tools for unraveling these patterns and processes, and demonstrates their application through concrete examples. For this edition, Pimm has written a new foreword covering recent developments in the study of food webs and their continuing importance to conservation biology.

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Food Chain and Food Web Food chains are diagrams scientists use to show how energy and nutrients pass from one organism to another in an ecosystem. Organisms can be classified as: Producers Producers-plants that make their own food. They don't rely on other organisms to get food.

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Food chains and food webs Black-crowned night-heron. This predator is adapted to hunt at night. In the French Guiana this is one of the major night heron species with its cousin the Yellow-crowned night-heron (Nycticorax violacea). Feeds mainly on aquatic animals, including fish, amphibians and insects. Coastal swamps. Knowledge Hub; School resources; Topics for Discussion; Food chains; Food ...


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