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Andy Brabon was a chef lecturer in England, and he fell in love with Savoie when his future wife invited him for a holiday. He is passionate about good local food, cooked with respect to the ingredients, and enjoyed with friends and family around the dinner table. He would like others to benefit from the rich diversity of family food that Les deux Savoie provide for its residents. One of the biggest pleasures that we have when we travel is to have the wonderful opportunity to taste the rich variety of local dishes and food culture. Then, when we return home, to share our memories of long lunches and convivial dinners with friends and family, who couldn't make the trip with us. Les deux Savoie have a loaded history of magnificent food that continues to captivate the palates and hearts of its visitors. The rich variety of authentic ingredients cooked with honesty, imagination and tradition is a cuisine that everyone who has the privilege of trying it, wants to share with others. Savoie Fayre is an introduction to the regional ingredients and the favourite dishes that they produce. It gives easy to follow techniques and tips to the epicurean visitor to help make these dishes when they return home.

AUTEUR Andy Brabon
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