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Every day Rev struggles with the memories and demons of the time before he was adopted. He's always managed just fine, until a letter from his birth father brings hellfire, fear and danger back into his life. Emma escapes her life in an online game she built herself. Virtual reality is so much easier than real life. But then another player joins the game and suddenly ultra-violent threats start to stream in ... When Rev and Emma meet, they are fighting a darkness they can't put into words. But somehow they hear each other and together they might be able to find a way out ...

AUTEUR Brigid Kemmerer
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More Than We Can Tell begins shortly after the events of Letters to the Lost and, while Declan and Juliet are in the story, it focuses primarily on Rev and a new character named Emma Blue. I was already half in love with Rev Fletcher from the glimpses we get of him in the first book, so it was in no way surprising that I fell into his story without a hitch. This book can definitely be read as ...


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