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In an ever more active approach to research on well-being and beauty, after Beauty in my plate, Dr Olivier Courtin-Clarins shares his beautyfood attitude here by presenting 48 seasonal recipes, original and easy to make, some of which were created by chefs. In this new work, he wishes to show that beauty also comes from the plate because we are truly the reflection of what we eat. Aren't we told that "we have dull skin, ' that "we're yellow as a lemon' or that "we have a peaches-and-cream complexion'? Between a notebook of recipes and practical advice for the skin, this book offers many ways to imagine your recipes in a balanced, sustainable, seasonal and committed way. Dr Olivier Courtin-Clarins doesn't impose rules but wants to share his philosophy : what is good for the body and mind is also good for the complexion and "eating responsibly' contributes to respect for the planet. The recipes, conveniently organized in monthly menus, are enriched by a host of tips, nutritional advice on nutrition and anti-waste ideas. And as humour is a genuine taste-enhancer, Fabienne Legrand's illustrations delightfully spice up the text and the recipe photos. A creative and lively immersion with recipes respecting raw materials, the seasons, the producers and our Earth. Reading this book will give you a burst of well-being blended with culinary pleasures and joyous energy. This book is sold for the benefit of a solidarity action initiated by CLARINS.

AUTEUR Olivier Courtin-Clarins
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