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Mathematical modeling of atmospheric composition is a formidable scientific and computational challenge. This comprehensive presentation of the modeling methods used in atmospheric chemistry focuses on both theory and practice, from the fundamental principles behind models, through to their applications in interpreting observations. An encyclopedic coverage of methods used in atmospheric modeling, including their advantages and disadvantages, makes this a one-stop resource with a large scope. Particular emphasis is given to the mathematical formulation of chemical, radiative, and aerosol processes ; advection and turbulent transport ; emission and deposition processes ; as well as major chapters on model evaluation and inverse modeling. The modeling of atmospheric chemistry is an intrinsically interdisciplinary endeavor, bringing together meteorology, radiative transfer, physical chemistry, and biogeochemistry. This book is therefore of value to a broad readership. Introductory chapters and a review of the relevant mathematics make the book instantly accessible to graduate students and researchers in the atmospheric sciences.

AUTEUR Guy Brasseur
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Inverse Modeling for Atmospheric Chemistry. Responsibility: Guy P. Brasseur, Max Planck Institute for Meteorology and National Center for Atmospheric Research, Daniel J. Jacob, Harvard University. Abstract: Focusing on both theory and practice, this comprehensive account of the modeling methods used in atmospheric chemistry research will be of interest to graduate students and professionals in ...

Modeling of Atmospheric Chemistry by Guy P. Brasseur

Global modeling of atmospheric chemistry is a grand computational challenge because of the need to simulate large coupled systems of ∼ 100-1000 chemical species interacting with transport on ...


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