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Whether you're an HTML jockey or a Photoshop guru - or even if you're completely new to Web design - if you've ever asked any of these questions, Jeffrey Veen will help you find the answer...Our site looked great, until the CEO got WebTV for Christmas. Now we're spending all weekend redesigning and rethinking our development strategy. What went wrong?How do we work together when marketing writes the content, design lays out the pages, and engineering wires it all together? What development process works best?We just hired a designer who works in Photoshop all day and makes us build the pages. We're pretty sure he doesn't even understand HTML. That's not good design, is it?How do I incorporate advertising effectively on my site?Exactly what do "personalization" and "one-to-one" marketing mean when sketching out a site?With all the new technologies out there vying for our attention, how can I ensure we don't commit our Web site to the wrong one, or get stuck designing 3D fly-throughs of the corporate campus?The Art & Science of Web Design will help you understand the Web from the inside. It is structured around core Web concepts that often get only a passing mention in books on Web design. This book is not a reference book or a style guide. It is your mentor, answering your many questions, teaching you the rules, and showing you how to break them.

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Website designers often focus on creating a great looking website which is the art of website design. They also mostly overlook the most important part of the website user experience, the science which makes the website work for the business. Web design should focus mainly on the science rather than the art.

Is design an art, or a science, and why? - Quora

Based upon what you learned in today's Wonder of the Day and your personal experiences with design, create an original work that explains your thoughts on the relative importance of art vs. science in good design. Your work could be an essay or a journal entry. It could also be a multimedia presentation. Or you could design a collage that combines different elements in a unique way that helps ...


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