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This book sets out to provide a guide, with examples, for those who wish to make predictions about the mechanical and thermal behaviour of non-Newtonian materials in engineering and processing technology. After an introductory survey of the field and a review of basic continuum mechanics, the radical differences between elongational and shear behaviour are shown. Two chapters, one based on a continuum approach and the other using microstructural approaches, lead to useful mathematical descriptions of materials for engineering applications. As examples of nearly-viscometric and nearly-elongational flows, there is a discussion of lubrication and related shearing flows, and fibre-spinning and film-blowing respectively.A long chapter is devoted to the important new field of computational rheology, and this is followed by chapters on stability and turbulence and the all-important temperature effects in flow. This second edition contains much new material not available in book form elsewhere-for example wall slip, suspension rheology, computational rheology and new results in stability theory.

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Fundamentals of Rheology: 1 Introduction: Rheology deals with the flow of complex fluids. Fluids are different from solids, because fluids continuously deform when there is an applied stress, as shown in figure 1(b), while solids deform and then stop, as shown in figure 1(a). Solids are said to have an 'elastic' response, and can resist an applied stress, while fluids do not have an ...

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Non-Newtonian Flow and Applied Rheology - Engineering Applications (2nd Edition) Details This book bridges the gap between the theoretical work of the rheologist, and the practical needs of those who have to design and operate the systems in which these materials are handled or processed.



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