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The Sepsis Handbook offers assistance in the rapid diagnosis of sepsis through an understanding of it's protean manifestations. Sepsis is a complex clinical syndrome that is characterized by the systemic manifestations of infection. It is the most common underlying cause of mortality in non-coronary ICU's. Mortality can be as high as 50% in cases of septic shock, the most severe form. Early recognition of sepsis and timely initiation of appropriate therapy are key for survival from this potentially devastating condition. The Sepsis Handbook provides the reader with an up-to-date overview on the impact of sepsis on public health (epidemiology), its pathophysiology (host response pathways) and early diagnosis. The latter is the prime focus of this book with a comprehensive discussion on the detection of the bacterial pathogens accounting for the majority of sepsis cases. Biomarkers of the host response are also discussed as these may provide further insight into the stage and severity of sepsis. The various topics are written by recognized experts in the field, both from Europe and North America. The contents are presented to the reader in a pragmatic format, integrating theory with daily practice. As such, the Sepsis Handbook is unique because the text is succinct and informative with cases provided to underscore clinical points. The book has abundant clinical cases, illustrations and tables, making the book easy to read and a valuable addition to the library of medical practitioners, students and other interested healthcare professionals. The intention of the Sepsis Handbook is to foster the outstanding ongoing educational efforts of existing sepsis expert networks such as the International Sepsis Forum ( and the Surviving Sepsis Campaign ( It is the hope of the editors and authors that early diagnosis of sepsis will contribute to improved patient care and, ultimately, reduced mortality.

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This practically oriented book provides an up-to-date overview of all significant aspects of the pathogenesis of sepsis and its management, including within the intensive care unit. Readers will find information on the involvement of the coagulation and endocrine systems during sepsis and on the use of biomarkers to diagnose sepsis and allow early intervention.

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