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If you've ever suspected your competition knew something you didn't, you were probably right. In this breakthrough book, marketing veteran Eric Schulz shows you the most powerful marketing techniques and strategies being used by today's marketing leaders. Whether you own a small business or work at a large corporation, "The Marketing Game" will work for you. You'll learn in a clear and straightforward way how easy it can be to outsmart your competitors. "The Marketing Game" is packed with new marketing revelations, including : brainstorming techniques proven to be five times more effective at getting results ; product positioning and branding strategies that will give you a competitive edge ; the Six Deadly Sins of Advertising revealing traps to avoid when communicating with your customers ; the Three Ingredients of Great Promotions ; the Big Bang Theory for creating sensational special events. The world's greatest marketing companies - from Coca-Cola to Procter & Gamble to Disney - succeed because they know their customers and how to reach them. With "The Marketing Game" as your guide, you'll be able to use the same techniques to create your own unbeatable marketing game plan.

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While folks have fun competing to win, they are thoroughly learning business finance. As Eliza points out in the new Top 12 guide, fun can make a huge difference in the value you receive. That's because boring business simulations prompt learners to disengage — which means they miss out on precious learning opportunities. So Entrepreneurial Challenge simulations are all about working in ...


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